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At SSG our Mission is to help our clients achieve effective public policy and regulatory outcomes while protecting their brand and reputational objectives.

As Principal and founder of Sheehy Strategy Group, Tom Sheehy is recognized as one of Sacramento’s most experienced and influential lobbyists, as well as a fiscal expert. Known for his strength in developing lobbying strategy, planning and executing lobbying campaigns, Tom’s ability to shape and deliver messaging in a clear and convincing manner achieves superior results for legislative and regulatory clients on difficult issues. He leads teams in complex, competitive and high-pressure environments to secure the client’s desired outcome. He has also helped clients develop state department customers and contract with state agencies, thereby securing $100s of millions of dollars in business over the years.  His skill in navigating California’s political landscape comes from over two decades of experience working at the most senior levels in both the state legislature as well as the Governor’s office. He has mastered the intersection between public policy, politics and people in a lobbying career at both a Fortune 100 financial services company as well as an international law firm. Tom manages difficult policy issues by conducting thorough research and understanding the different variables that impact the client’s success. He then develops tactics and strategies to craft messages that position the client to win, all while integrating and leveraging the client’s resources to achieve effective public policy outcomes.


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Tom Sheehy

Tom has worked on some of the most challenging issues in California, including helping more than one Governor solve multi-billion-dollar budget deficits and making government operate more efficiently. He has advised clients on a number of sensitive policy issues in the areas of state finance, transportation infrastructure, privacy, consumer protection, business regulations, tax, environmental quality, natural resource conservation and land development regulations. Tom’s unique skill set allows him to see the big picture while developing specific tactics and strategies necessary for each client’s needs. Tom offers his clients a wide breadth of experience that is unique in Sacramento’s corridors of power in the state capitol.

Over the years, Tom has built up an impressive universe of both public and private sector connections and relationships spanning blue chip corporate executives, local, state and federal elected officials and staff.  Many state department directors and governor’s appointees “came up through the ranks” with Tom as he started his career in Sacramento and state government in the early 1990s. Tom has worked as a Governor’s appointee in the Department of Finance, Department of Transportation, and State and Consumer Services Agency. He was a principal consultant in both the California Senate and Assembly for 10 years, where he mastered the legislative process by developing tactics necessary to win tough policy battles. As Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Finance, Tom not only helped shape and manage the state’s $150 billion budget for more than one Governor, but he served on or was Chairman of some of the most influential state Boards and Commissions, including the State Lands Commission, Public Works Board, State Teacher Retirement System (Cal-STRS), State Infrastructure Bank, Building Standards Commission,Tax Credit Allocation Committee, and Pooled Money Investment Fund.

Tom received a Bachelor of Science Degree and an MBA in Finance from the University of California at Davis.  He lives in Sacramento with his wife Brena and their two sons Nicholas and Christopher.


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SSG is a boutique firm, where client phone calls are returned promptly and emails receive a response within 24 hours so political threats and opportunities are communicated immediately, thus placing all the client’s options “on the table” before it is too late to act effectively. SSG always knows the client and their business without having to search through stacks files to answer basic questions. Tom Sheehy is a trusted advisor and confidant who is always available as a sounding board or to answer questions and provide effective options to every difficult situation and request. He understands the importance of protecting and enhancing the client’s reputation while conducting lobbying, regulatory and state contract procurement work with the utmost integrity.  SSG also partners with and directs public relations, legal and digital marketing firms to bring about desired outcomes depending on the requirements of the project and client’s needs.

Tom received a Bachelor of Science Degree and an MBA in Finance from the University of California at Davis.  He lives in Sacramento with his wife Brena and their two sons, Nicholas and Christopher.