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Supporters of Tom Sheehy

Tom is one of the most capable and thorough advocates in Sacramento. He is well versed in a wide range of policy arenas and able to discern the best strategy and tactics for addressing important policy concerns. His experience in the executive and legislative branches, as well as his extensive third house associations give him an edge in succeeding in any venture before him.
— Lance Christensen, Chief of Staff CA State Senator John Moorlach
“I’ve known Tom personally and professionally since I recruited him to work for the Senate Fiscal Office in 1999. We went after Tom hard because we knew he was a star. His star only rose during his tenure with us. Later, Tom served as my Chief Deputy Director for Budgets while I was California’s Director of Finance. I’ve always thought the role of Chief Deputy was harder than that of Director — more work, more chance for error. Tom was masterful in that very trying position. Tom’s exposure in all of these roles has given him a depth and breadth of knowledge on matters involving state government that will always keep him in demand by clients who need to understand, work with and persuade key political and administrative leaders in California’s state government.”
— Michael Genest, Matrix Consulting, Former California Director of Finance, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I have known for Tom for nearly two decades. He has a tremendous grasp of legislative and regulatory issues in California. His ability to testify on hundreds of bills at a hearing and have command of the key fiscal facts on each one added great value to the Governor’s ability to influence the legislation headed to his desk. Tom had the respect of the legislators, senior administration officials and the outside interested groups. Tom represented the Administration with the utmost candor and due diligence.”
— Richard Cositgan. Manatt Phelps & Phillips, Former Governor’s Legislative Secretary
The labyrinth that is the state budget and bureacracy is daunting even to seasoned Capitol lobbyists. But Tom Sheehy has mastered the maze and proved a valuable ally time and again for myself and my clients when they needed to navigate that maze. When Tom decides he is going to assist you, he’s all in and provides results. He has my highest recommendation.
— Rock Zierman, CEO California Independent petroleum Association
Tom Sheehy has continuously demonstrated expertise in the implementation and development of government policy and programs during the more than 15 years that I have known him. His analytical skills are extraordinary, and he is known as a trusted advisor, strategic thinker and expert in fiscal and legislative processes. His knowledge, management experience and leadership skills provide a solid foundation for his success in government affairs.
— Shannon Hood, Management Consultant
Tom Sheehy’s knowledge of the inner workings of state government is tremendous. His executive and legislative branch experience brings a lot of accrued knowledge to any task.
— Bill Leonard, Former Member California Board of Equalization, Retired State Senator
I have known Thomas for over 20 years. He is an expert at both the development, presentation and execution of the state budget and also an expert in the strategic management of the state’s finances. In addition to Thomas’ expertise, he is a natural leader.
— Chon Gutierrez, Former Chief Financial Officer Business, Transportation & Housing Agency
While I served in the California State Assembly, Tom was one of my greatest resources. His knowledge of policy, and institutional memory was always reliable. He was a great advocate for his clients, and ALWAYS conducted business with extreme professionalism. I’m certainly glad to have had the chance to work with him, and I consider his clients lucky to have someone like him in their corners.
— Eric Linder, former member California State Assembly

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